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Specilized School for Performing Arts


(Formerly Agrupacion Folklorioca ELMYRBA)

Since 1996 the Specialized School for Fine Arts has prepared students in performing, liberal and musical arts. This school reunites students from schools around Arecibo area and instructs them on ballet, jazz and folkloric dance and music.  School is part of the Department of Education of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Also have programs in music, theatre and visual arts.  ELMYRBA Folkloric Ensemble begun as a special project in 2008, to enhance the knowledge of folkloric dances and music. ELMYRBA means “Estudios Lúdicos de Música y Ritmos de Bailes Autóctonos”. (Ludic Studies of Music and Rythms of Native Dance)

After seven years of studies and learning, in 2014 graduates and community people reunite to organize Ballet Folklórico Sabor Boricua. This group presents a show of Puerto Rico Folkloric Heritage with the richness of Taino Indians, Spanish and African cultures which combined create Puerto Rican Folklore.

 National & International Performances and Awards

77 th. International Folkloric Dance Festival Izmir, Turkey 2008

1 st. International Folkloric Music Festival Izmir, Turkey 2008

14th. International Folkloric Dance Festival Iskele Municipality, North Cyprus 2009 (CIOFF)

First Prize in Best Music Performance & Honor Prize

10 th. Art and Culture Festival of Istanbul, Turkey 2009 (CIOFF)

23 th. International Folkloric Dance Competitions Festival Bursa, Turkey 2009

29 th. International Folkloric Dance

Competitions Samsun, Turkey 2009 (CIOFF)

2nd. GOGAKOU Children and Music

Festival, Skiony, Greece (2010)

14th International Folklore Festival

Ismailia, Egypt (2010)

2nd Danzarte Folkloric Dance Festival

San Juan, Puerto Rico (2011)

Second Prize Dance Performance

30th Claridad Festival, San Juan, Puerto Rico 2011

30th Cantata Coretjer, Ciales, Puerto Rico 2011

17th Childrens Day festival 23 April,

Iskele, North Cyprus (2011) (CIOFF)

11th. International Folklore Festival of the Hanseatic Town of Wismar in Germany -2011. (CIOFF)

 42th Harvest Festival Pikkeling, Belgium,  2011(CIOFF)

27vo, (SIVO) Netherland, 2011

31th Claridad Festival, San Juan, Puerto Rico 2012

48th Op Roakeldais, Netherland, 2013 (CIOFF)

5th Sauleszieduas, Flower of The Sun, Lithuania, 2013

Second Prize Traditional Instrument Performance

Third Price Traditional Singing,

People Choice Award

19th VORU Folk, Estonia 2013 (CIOFF)

37th Dances du Monde, Portugal 2013 (CIOFF)

13th. Festival Multicultural de Lares, Puerto Rico 2013, 2014 y 2015

14th. Festival de la Caña de Hatillo, Puerto Rico 2014

13th. Mujeres de Actocpan– San Pedro,

Méjico 2014 (CIOFF)

19th. Festival International de Zacatecas (Fresnillo, Valparaíso, Guadalupe)

Méjico 2014 (CIOFF)

7th. Festival de la Guitarra, Vega Alta

Puerto Rico 2015

19th. Plzen International Folklore Festival, Czech Republic (CIOFF) 2015

11th. IFF Svetlovsky Bal, Czech Republic 2015

21st International Folklore Festival Frýdek-Místek ,

Czech Republic 2015(CIOFF/IOV)

5th Festival del Tamale Grande, Hueytamalco

Méjico 2015

 3ro. Competencias de Juegos de Puerto Rico, DRD Caguas PR

2do. Lugar folklore

16th. Idaho International Summerfest

 Rexburg U.S.A. 2016. (CIOFF)

8vo. Festival de la Guitarra, Vega Alta

Puerto Rico, 2016