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The “Mali Gorzowiacy” was established at the Youth Community Centre in Gorzów Wielkopolski in 1981. The members of this group, about 160 persons, are children and youth in the age of 5-22 from the local schools. This group consists of the members in the age of 16 – 22

Gorzów Wlkp. as a Polish town was inhabited after II world war by Poles from different parts of country. And that's why The “Mali Gorzowiacy” presents folklore of those regions, including their characteristic elements such as: dances, songs, costumes, instrumental band composition, cries, dialects. The group presents Polish National Dances having the special place in the history of our country, as well. Those dances came into existence during the partition of Poland in the nineteenth century. They became the symbol of Polish cultural independence and national spirit. Both musical and dance forms are very developed and make inseparable integrity.

Group leaders, while preparing the artistic programme, seek to adapt the programme to the age and performance abilities of the members. Moreover, they work to develop youth interest in music and dance and to improve their knowledge of different folk regions of Poland.

One of the goals is to perform Polish folk dances and songs on the stage. This is achieved through appropriate techniques and proper emphasis on dynamics in choreographic arrangements, as well as through the sounds of the accompanying folk-band. The band whose is a very important part of the group. The main instruments used by musicians: prim violin, second violin, clarinet, trumpet, double bass, accordion-included to Polish folk-bands after II war. Only stage requirements reduce the authenticity, of presented programme to a certain extend. In order to make them look more attractive to the audience, proper proportions among successive elements of dancing, singing, music, group performance and duo or solo spectacles had to be introduced. The folk costumes presented by the group are usually festive attires, adorned and fashionable, that differ considerably from simple everyday clothes worn at work.

Every year group have had many concerts, presentations in Poland and abroad. The group has experience in different international events, festivals, projects, cooperation which took place in countries:

Azores, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, France, China, Italy, Indonesia, Latvia, Romania, Finland, Croatia, Turkey, Venezuela, Denmark, Cyprus, Ukraine, Egypt, Sweden, Serbia and Montenegro, Portugal, Lithuania, Hungary, USA, Spain, Greece, South Korea. more http://maligorzowiacy.pl/foreign-performances.html


  • Our group won 2nd prize at the Cheonan International Folk Dance Competition SOUTH KOREA, Cheonan 27.09-5.10.2011.
  • 2012, August – Mali Gorzowiacy participated in XX Grande Folklore Festival De Da Relva on AZORES which was 100th trip abroad
  • 2013 we success is: III place winner among Folk Bands and II place winner among Ensembles of traditional singing, V International Folk Contest-Festival " The Flower of the Sun ", Siauliai – LITHUANIA
  • 2013 February, The “Mali Gorzowiacy” had their 1000 CONCERT!
  • December 2013 they won 4th award among 5 teams awarded in the International Folk Dance Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia. In competition was attended by 10 teams of the world.
  • 2013, Maria and Krzysztof received the “Order Uśmiechu” (The Order of the Smile). It is the most prestigious, an international award given by children, to adults distinguished in their love, care and aid for children
  • 2016 Maria Szupiluk was appointed for Director in Europe of FIDAF (Federation of Dance Festivals)
  • 2016 won 1st PLACE, the group was WINNER on International Folk Dance Festival Bali, INDONESIA.