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            The folklore ensemble "PUNJAB CULTURAL PROMOTION COUNCIL" got originated in 1999 in Ludhiana City of Punjab, to promote the rich cultural heritage of Punjab and Indian folklore on national and international horizons. The folk ensemble belongs to Punjab State in North-India. Punjab is a land of five rivers and is very much famous for traditional folklore, traditional folk dances, Sikh-heritage, multiculture and great folk music. The Golden Temple (Shri Harmander Sahib) in Amritsar City of Punjab is known in the world, as place of World Harmony.

            Punjab Cultural Promotion Council PCPC represents folk songs, folkloric traditions, folk music and folk dances from Punjab region, PCPC Folk Dancers perform exotic, exciting, traditional, thrilling and collective folk dance actions. Their traditional folk dresses, folk instruments and colorful turbans have always attracted and impressed the International audience, in International folk festivals in European nations, Australia and South Korea.

            PCPC Folk Dancers enthrall the spectators with famous Indian folk dances - BHANGRA, MALVAI - GIDHA, GIDHA, JHOOMER, JINDUA, MALKI-KEEMA & SAMMI DANCE etc. Folk signers, Folk dancers and Musicians of P.C.P.C., exhibit the great folklore of India. The beats of Drum (DHOL), CHIMTA, BUGCHU, CHIKKAAS, TOOMBI, ALGOZA, DHADD & Display of Khoondas and other folk instruments put a rare impact on the audience.

            Punjab Cultural Promotion Council has Thirty One (31) International Folk Dance festivals to its credit. The council has participated in four international festivals in Spain , one international festival in France , two international festivals in Lithuania, two international festival in Czech - Republic four international folklore festivals in Slovakia, three international festivals in Poland, four international festivals in Bulgaria and two International fests in South Korea, two international festivals in Australia, One International festival each in Greece & Serbia, Three International festivals in Ukraine, Two International festivals in Punjab, India in the past few years, under the Chairmanship of its Chairman-cum-Artistic Director Mr. Davinder Singh Chhina.

            Punjab Cultural Promotion Council, has distinction of participation in dozen Cioff International folk festivals in various parts of the world & many festivals recognized by UNESCO.  PCPC has been contributing for UNESCO's culture of peace project in the world by, promoting multiculturism and International friendship through international folk festivals, cross country cultural relations and cultural exchanges. PCPC has been recognized as "GLOBAL ALLIANCE PARTNER OF UNESCO - For Cultural Diversity, in October, 2005.

            Folk Dancers of Punjab Cultural  Promotion Council had attracted & enthralled millions of world spectators & folk artists of many countries of the world, in the past seven years during their, more than 250 international folk dance performances. PCPC folk group had been the star attraction in many parts of the world with their most exotic, unique and wonderful performances and had also attracted the attention of international media for its works for international friendship and humanity. PCPC contributed more than 5000 Australian Dollars towards UNICEF - Australia, in February 2005 by organizing an International festival in Bowman's hall, Black town, Sydney (Australia) in aid of TSUNAMI - victims.

            PCPC had invited more than 50 international folk artists, folk dancers, gymnasts, musicians from DANMARK, SLOVAKIA and other parts of the world, to PUNJAB INTERNATIONAL FESTIVALS organized by PCPC in Punjab, India in 2002 and 2006 to strengthen international friendship. 

           PCPC folk dancers perform wonderful dance styles, actions and form various symmetries, sequences on the stage. They could all sing, dance & play folk instruments together in their colorful costumes, on the great and scintillating punjabi music of Punjab. The great beats of Drum (DHOL), Dhamal Actions, Double Standing Actions and Turle Walian Paggan (Stylish and traditional-Turbans) add new dimensions to Punjabs Dances.

            In the International Festivals, the boys and girls of PCPC folk group dance collectivity much to the entertainment of international audience. They could give collective performances for 10 minutes, 12 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes and even up to 40 minutes in their vibrant actions and heart touching styles, synchronizing great Punjabi music with the beats of Drum (DHOL) and Display of traditional instruments. They could perform on Live Music as well as with Recorded Music (Music CD's). The Director of the group Mr. Davinder Singh Chhina make announcements about the folkloric traditions, folk dances of Punjab during the performances of the group. PCPC is dedicated to the world peace through youth activities.