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  The MalamboArgentino Academy began its activities on March 20, 2000 in Piedritas, in General Villegas District, Province of Buenos Aires, under the direction of Gastón Santiago Courreges, Professor in Native and Folklore Dances.

   From the above mentioned Academy  there emerged, some years later, MalamboArgentino Ballet. This is made up of the older dancers of the group. Children and adolescents, who are in a formative stage, belong to the Academy. Both, Ballet and Academy, form the Civil Association  MalamboArgentino Academy, the legal entity that joins them.

  The Ballet has developed a huge amount of activities in these years. There have been a lot of young dancers who have, some of them, already finished their studies, others are still at the University. Several of them are Native Dancer Teachers.

  They dance folk music of all Argentinian regions, including "citizen music" as Tango is called in Argentina.  They are permanently receiving technical assistance from specialists in different dances

  There has been a natural change of dancers generated by time and the Ballet has received, as a guest, a group of young hopes from the Municipal School  of Folklore and Tango trained and directed by the conductor of the group, Gastón Santiago Courreges.

  During these almost 17 years of experience the MalamboArgentino group has been on a lot of stages. In Argentina, for example, it has acted in the National Folklore Festival in Cosquín, in Mendoza, San Salvador de Jujuy, San Miguel de Tucumán, Rosario, Buenos Aires and many other smaller cities. Thayhave  acted with well-known artists such as ChaqueñoPalavecino, Soledad Pastorutti and Guitarreros and others.

  The Director, some of the dancers or the Ballet as a whole have been present in Canada, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, France, England, Italy, Spain, and Portugal ( twice in the last three countries), Canary Islands, Romania, Belgium, Serbia, Bulgaria and  Netherlands.

   At present the Ballet is preparing another International Tour "Europe 2017"  for July of the current year.