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Cultural-Artistic Association -KUD “Crvena Stijena”

It was established on September 15, 2006. The key objective of the Association is to preserve and promote the glorious folklore tradition, as well as the identity of our people and state.The Ensemble is named after a cave called “The Red Rock,” located in the hill “Velje Brdo,” which overlooks the capital city of Podgorica.Adapting the Centre for youth and getting the adequate premises in Tolosi, the suitable conditions for forming this Association were acquired, and the wishes of the youth of Tolosi were fullfilled.

This society welcomes all who have an interest and desire to contribute to its work. Furthermore, the society is fully prepared for cooperation with each and every cultural organization and institution from Montenegro, as well as from abroad, on the basis of mutual cooperation and exchange of experiences.All these years, even during the period of crises, this society managed to keep the traditions, customs, habits and the culture of Montenegro, as well as the culture of nations of neighbouring countries who came to and stayed in Montenegro.In order to fulfill the planned projects and society’s program tasks, the assistance of a highly choreographical and cultural staff, along with the adequate work conditions is necessary.

The society’s president is Drasko Savkovic, a graduate of ethnology and a man with many years of experience considering these affairs. With his choreography, the folklore ensemble KIC „Budo Tomovic“ won second place in the world festival of folklor in Dijon, France and won first place for the choreography of Albanian dances with Kud „Stara Varos“ in 1970 in Kosovo and Metohia. Furthermore, he is the author of the book „FOLK COSTUMES, DANCES AND SONGS OF MONTENEGRO.“


The Esemble“Crvena stijena” presented its program at the festivals organized in the following countries: France, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Macedonia, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Poland.

- In 2008, International Folklore Festival, Tivat, Montenegro,

- In 2008, International Folklore Festival for children and youth Zagreb, Croatia,

- In 2009, The Summer Folklore Festival Ohrid, ex-Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,

- In 2009,International Folklore Festival Tivat, Montenegro,

- In 2009, International Folklore Festival «KITEN 2009», Bulgaria,

- In 2010, XIX International Folklore Festival «VARNA 2010», Bulgaria, where the representative ensemble got the best scores for perfect technique, dancers and per-formance. The quality of the Ensemble was confirmed through the fact that organizersasked the Ensemble to close the festive ceremony with our traditional dance named “Montenegrin ORO,”

- In 2010, International Folklore Festival «Sarimsakli», Turkey, where the ensemble got the awards for the best costume and best performance,

- In 2011, XI International Folklore Festival «Ana Lugojana», Lugoj Romania,

- In 2011, XIX International Folklore Festival «Children of the Mountains», NowySacz Poland,

- In 2012, IV International Folklore Festival «Cassovia folkfest», Kosice Slovakia.

- In 2013, IX International Folklore Festival Pirot, Serbia.

- In 2013, XIV International Culture and Art festival of the Municipality of Büyükçekmece, Turkey

- In 2014, L’Association des Rencontres Internationales Folkloriques Enfantines de SAINT-MAIXENT-L’ECOLE

- In 2014, XLVI International Festival of Highland Folklore held in Zakopane, Poland

- In 2015, International Folklore Festival « Doina covurluiului », in Galati, Romania

- In 2016, The 53rd Beskidy Highlanders’ Week of Culture the 27th international folk meetingsin Wisła, Poland

- In 2016, 36th Folklore Festival of Sárvár - Hungary