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Ensemble Orce Nikolov, Skopje

The Ensemble of folk dances and songs "Orce Nikolov" from Skopje - FYROM, was formed in the year 1945 with its goal - cultivation and presentation of the folk dances, songs, music and costumes from whole country, in a unique artistic way. Their folk dances are characterized by a fascinating combination of tenderness, manliness and skill, which in the highly developed rhythm of the dance make a wonderful spectacle and an exceptional manifestation of the art in the true sense of the word.

And the performers of folk songs and dances of the Ensemble "Orce Nikolov" are the best carriers of this art.

In the past years, the Ensemble "Orce Nikolov" achieved remarkable results and successes in folk creation and being active participant of many festivals in the country and abroad got its high reputation and world affirmation.

The beauty of folk dances, songs, instruments and costumes, the great talent of the dancers and the wonderful choreographies, gathered in this folk collective - "the keeper of the traditional folk culture", have become the instrument of the general human yearning for peace and progress, and with the strength of its art it speaks directly to all the nations of the world - to erase the borders between people and countries.

Over 10.000 members passed through the Ensemble "Orce Nikolov" and gave more than 4.600 concerts in the country and worldwide. The concerts had more than 10.000.000 spectators, and millions of viewers watched the performances through the TV channels in the country, but also in England, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Canada, Cyprus, Cuba, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, USA, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia, DPR of Korea, Turkey, France, Holland, Czech, Switzerland, Spain, Ukraine…