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Bahcesehir University Folk Dance Group Youth and Sports Club Association

was founded in 2003 within the structure of Bahcehesir University by our Chairman Okan Gurbuz. During the first decade following its foundation, it carried on its activites as a student club. In 2013, by blazing a trail among Bahcehesir University and other foundation universities, it gained the status of Youth and Sports Club Association. Thanks to this new status, diversity of our fields of activity increased and also all individuals setting heart on Anatolian culture and folk dances either amateurishly or professionally got the chance to take charge in annual activities of our team. The central office of our organization which is the first and only association bearing the name of Bahcesehir University is in Bahcesehir University Besiktas Campus.

On this road to culture to which we have started off with the intent of keeping peerless beauties and
richnesses emanating from Anatolian territories alive, our association, setting a higher standard, gained a
more corporate identity with Anatolian Dream, the first joint culture project within the structure of
Bahcesehir Ugur Educational Institutions, in 2015. BUHOT Culture and Art Academy founded by our
Chairman Okan Gurbuz with strong faith in global integration power of culture and art within the frame of
this project, provides consultancy services for companies and individuals especially in fields of dance and
music; organizes group workshops and provides trainings for EU culture projects, stage, dance, music and
preparation to conservatory and special talent exams.

Foundation purpose and mission of the academy, student club and association we founded with an
institutional understanding and with the intent of making Anatolian culture acquire universial dimensions
are; to ensure that everybody who wants to learn our culture are taught our folk dances and folk songs
under the same roof of Bahcesehir University, to publicise both our country and our culture in national and
international platforms and to make Anatolian culture known and valuable through the unifying power of

By remaining loyal to traditional forms, to be the promotion envoy of Anatolian culture in our country and
in the world with an innovative approach.

International Activities
• 2015 Lithuania Siauliai City “The Flower of the Sun” World Folk Dance and Folk Song Contest
• 2012 Greece Paralia Katerini International Folk Dance Contest
• 2014 Greece International Folk Dance Festival
• 2013 Bulgaria Lovech Talk of Bridges Culture Festival
• 2012 Greece and Macedonia International Folk Dance Festivals

Inter-University Activities
• 2016 Inter-university folk dance contests, Antalya Turkey Final
• 2016 Inter-university folk dance contests, Ordu Group Final
Ordu University, Ordu, 1st place
• 2013 Inter-university folk dance contests, Horons Group Final
Ege University, Izmir
• 2008 Inter-university folk dance contests, Halays Group Final
Erciyes University, Kayseri
• 2007 Inter-university folk dance contests, Zeybeks Group Final
Ege University, Izmir
• 2006 Inter-university folk dance contests, Zeybeks Group Final
Pamukkale University, Denizli
• 2005 Inter-university folk dance contests, Zeybeks Group Final
Osmangazi University, Eskisehir, 2nd place