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Colombia Folklore Cultural Foundation is an artistic and cultural non-profit organization that disseminates the Colombian folklore nationally and internationally, through music and dance. It has a group of professional artists in multiplicity of knowledge, for promote the cultural roots as a form educational, creative and innovative.

As an organization for social transformation, it focuses on rescuing the values and traditions, strengthening our folk and cultural identity; and development of educational programs that promote human development through art, and also social development.

Our cultural program includes the interpretation of different musical rhythms of Colombia, welcoming the country's regions: the Atlantic coast, the Amazonian region, the Pacific coast, the Andean region and Orinoco.
Among Colombian rhythms we are: Cumbia, Puya, Mapalé, Tambora, Bullerengue, Bambuco, San Juanero, Bambuco, Fandango, Porro Chocoano, Andarele, abozao and Currulao. In which we print a stamp of personality and innovation to make the show more attractive.

The Colombia Folklore Cultural Foundation participated of 7 Festivals representing Colombia in 5 countries: Netherlands, Bosnia, Romania, Serbia and Bulgary, leaving high the name of our Country
 XVIII International Folklore Festival Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgary July 2015
 Internacional Festival Folklora Orfeo Majdanpek, Serbia. July 2015
 International Folklore Festival Vrsac, Serbia, July 2015
 Festivalul Unimilor, Timisoara Rumania July 2015
 International Folk Festival Hercules 2015. Rumania. July 2015
 International Festival Days of Mowing Kupres B&H 2015. Kupres Bonia July 2015
 XXVII International Dancsfestival. Bolsward Holanda June 2015